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Work with the team who has a specialist First Home Owners division, dedicated to give you the best chance of becoming a home owner!

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Find out how you can shave YEARS off your own mortgage while also growing wealth and saving thousands per year in tax repayments with little to no money out of your own pocket!

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Get a specialist consultation to talk strategies about controlling your super, and safely growing your retirement fund with far superior returns than your average Super fund.

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Your Future isn't going to write itself.

At Buy Right Properties, we strongly believe that Property is the basis of all Wealth. Even if you never invest in property, getting into the market and paying off your mortgage for retirement is going to give you more financial freedom than most Australians. 

There are so many benefits available to everyday Australian Residents by owning or investing in property but the knowledge is not commonly shared or taught in this day and age. For example, in most of our consultations with first home owners we mentioned a benefit of owning a home compared to renting, and we were amazed with the results!

Your Mortgage is not forever. Seems simple right? Yet many of our clients have never thought about this before purchasing property. One day you will have paid your mortgage off and the cost you pay for a house to live in will almost vanish! Would that be helpful to your situation to have your monthly mortgage repayment stop? 

Getting Further ahead Financially – We are by no way financial advisors, but we do know Property. The information and strategies we share and teach people are strategies that ANYONE can use, but not many people know about them nor do they have the right team of experts around them to make the most of these strategies. Having a team that is all up to speed and used to working together to help you with your first property purchase, or build wealth through your property portfolio is absolute.

Did you know you can purchase an Investment Property with no money out of your pocket? How about the fact that you can restructure your cash-flow to reduce YOUR mortgage by years through owning an Investment Property? Did you also know that an Investment Property can save you thousands in tax every year? Did you know that almost every property we recommend our clients actually PUTS MONEY into your pocket clear every week?

On top of that, you are also likely to get Capital Growth. We are currently targeting South East Queensland as our Investment Hot Spot. The amount of government infrastructure and the amount of jobs that are being created by it alone are enough to house the 1500 people migrating to the area PER WEEK. If we look at the last 20 years, which included the GFC, we will see that most homes in the major cities in SEQ have doubled in value twice (see below). 

Understanding the benefits and potential property has for building your personal wealth is vital. Our Property Consultants and Coaches are highly experienced in showing and explaining to you the exact methods many Property Millionaires have used for decades to build their fortunes. They explain it in a manner that will become crystal clear to you giving you confidence and a clear vision of where you are going with your future.

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Before we even talk property, we need to know your situation, what your looking to achieve and for what reasons. Once we understand you, finding the best property for you will become much easier.

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