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First Homes

Get the Right start into the Property Market.

So you are wanting to become a home owner? That's GREAT!

Buy Right Properties has a well established 1st Home Owners system that give's our clients maximum benefits when purchasing their first home.

Because you may have never purchased property before, you may feel a little overwhelmed. That is absolutely fine! The process is actually quite straight forward once you understand everything that needs to happen, who you need to speak to, what needs to be organized and what options you have available.

We sit down with our clients and run you through your very own 1st home owners work book. Our workbooks we have created for you, help to answer many questions you might have and clearly outline the path we take you through to become a home owner.

We have one of Queensland's largest selections of new homes spread through out the state. All of the properties that make it to our Wholesale Stock List are close to schools, shops, amenities and have many future infrastructure and local projects planned locally. The developments offer parks, BBQ areas, public amenities and some really outstanding backdrops. This means that it is not only a brand new area, but it is also a growing area that will likely see your property value grow!

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