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Investment Properties

Creating your Plan.

How is your financial future looking for you today? Have you got a plan in place? Is that plan going to take you into a comfortable retirement? Do you know how much money you will need to have the income you desire during retirement?

Our financial future is always on our minds. While we think about it so much, how many people actually sit down and document where they are and where they want to be? Have you?

The sad truth is that many people leave it too late before they figure out their shortfall for retirement. With your own personal Buy Right Properties - Property Coach, your initial consultation will be a snapshot of your current situation, where you want to be for Retirement and how long you have to achieve that goal. Majority of clients will find out that they have a little work to do to reach their ideal Retirement..

But it is OK!

Once we understand your goals and where you want you to be, we can put together your own Property Plan which will show you how achievable it is to get the retirement you deserve. 

In your property plan we will outline the benefits of purchasing an investment property and how it will help get you closer to your financial goals. Benefits include;

- Paying your own Mortgage off Faster.

- Putting extra money INTO your pocket each week.

- Saving thousands on tax.

- Owning an asset that has huge potential for Capital Growth.

And we can show you how you can get all this WITHOUT money from your own pocket, nor will you need to spend money on a weekly basis. 

  The best part about this is you can repeat the process for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th investment property. The nore properties you have, the more tax you save, the more cash-flow you have, the faster you pay your own mortgage down and the quicker you can purchase your next Investment Property!

The Important Points in Brief.

You can pay off your own Mortgage faster by owning an Investment Property.

-It Costs you little to no money from your own pocket to purchase an Investment Property.

-You can save thousands in tax every year.

-Owning a New Investment Property can put cash in your pocket every week!

-Most properties in growing South East Queensland cities have doubled their value TWICE in the last 20 years.

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