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Buying Property in SMSF

Did you know that is it possible to purchase Property in Super?

More and more Australians are choosing to take control of their retirement fund every day. The options  for SMSF are growing and there are more experts on the scene to help make sure you Invest correctly and safely.

Getting the most from your SMSF

When it comes to buying Property, you need to involve many different Professionals in the process, and we have the best!

This is no different when buying through SMSF. Investing inside Super is different from investing with your own money and is a specialist category. Not every Broker, Conveyancer, Accountant are highly competent when it somes to operating within a SMSF.

We open our Network of Professionals to our clients to help create, manage and report on your SMSF. Things work better when everyone is on the same page which is why we prefer our client to use our contacts  because they are familiar with one another, productive and most importantly they are the best we have found at what they do.

If you dont have a SMSF set up.

If you don't have a Self Managed Super Fund set up, we can help. 

We can recommend a top professional within our Network to facilitate the roll over from retail Super to SMSF, and we can start on your property plan in the mean time.